SOPA Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes


      SOPA Board Meeting Agenda for November 1, 2022

  1. Review and approve minutes from last meeting.

  2. State of the Organization (Member #s, good communication, etc) [George]

  3. Ladder update and expanding levels. [Nani]

  4. Clinics discussion [Nani]

  5. Summer Classic Tournament. Discussion and committee formation. [DeAnn]

  6. Board positions. Fill same or new titles? Discuss and post positions. [DeAnn]

  7. Proposed signage for Lithia (and other courts?) [George]

  8. Money report [Chelsea]

  9. Positions for Foundation. Filling any vacancies.[Chelsea & George]

  10. Ideas for new courts - setup a committee?  [DeAnn]

  11. Court monitor status (invitations outstanding, new suggestions?

  12. Board pickleball practice and play session date? [DeAnn]

  13. ______________________________________________________

  14. ______________________________________________________


June 27, 2022 Minutes:  SOPA Board Meeting Minutes 6-27-22.pdf

July 18, 2022 Minutes:   SOPA Board Meeting Minutes 7-18-22.pdf

August 15, 2022:  SOPA Board Meeting Minutes 8-15-22.pdf

Break for due to end of summer trips, etc.

November 1, 2022;  SOPA Board Meeting Minutes 11-1-22.pdf

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