Board Organization Structure

The Southern Oregon Pickleball Association (SOPA) is administered by a volunteer board of directors as shown in the image.

Board member pictures and biographies can be seen here.

The board members follow SOPA's Mission Statement and Vision to the best of their abilities. The board has official meeting roughly every month with meeting minutes posted on our website. Special meetings to focus on specific projects occur as needed. An average month might require 10 to 20 hours of work by each member.


The Southern Oregon Pickleball Association (SOPA) is looking for volunteers for three board positions to help us promote and develop pickleball in Southern Oregon. We are looking for interested and qualified candidates for:

  • Director of Marketing and Development

  • Director of Promotions

  • Director of Activities

Positions on the board are two year appointments with the option to be reconfirmed for a second term. These are voting positions. They are open to anyone in the rogue valley region (Grants Pass to Ashland inclusively) with an enthusiastic interest in supporting SOPA’s mission and goals. Descriptions below are not comprehensive for all tasks and duties. All board positions involve a large amount of flexibility and willingness to support other members as needed. Enthusiastic teamwork is the key to our success.

Position Descriptions:

Director of Marketing and Development – this person will focus on making connections with business and cities to educate them about our mission with the intent of establishing a pipeline of donors, sponsors, or partnerships willing to help SOPA with its goals. Good communication skills and a willingness to approach people and organizations to discuss financial support.

Director of Promotions – duties including membership management with a focus on growing our membership numbers while also retaining current members. They will also be the lead on social activities for members. Familiarity with social media platforms and an ability and willingness to support SOPA on certain platforms, like FaceBook, Instagram, and our website.

Director of Activities – this person will be the lead, but not necessarily the leader, for clinics, leagues, and ladders. They will establish best practices for running these pickleball activities and help others implement these events on a regular basis in all areas of the valley for all genders and levels. They will manage any board coordinator positions related to pickleball activities.

Please send an email to with the subject: Board Position. Please include your name and which position you are interested in volunteering to fill. (You can also click this link to automatically open an email). The application process will end in early December.

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