These instructors have years of experience coaching and teaching all levels and ages. Write or call for rates and availability. This information is for reference only and not an endorsement by SOPA.

Name:  Instruction Level/Type: Email/webpage:  Phone:

Shelly Cox

IPTPA Level II Certified Teaching Professional. Level 1 & 2 IFP Certificate. Certified Ratings Specialist (CRS).

 (541) 631-1400
Nancy Mansfield

Pickleball Coaching International (PCI)
Level 1 Certified Teaching Professional
Specializing in beginner to 3.0 players.

(541) 690-6868
Beth Coker      (541) 601-5714
Dayton Mason

IPTPA Level II Certified Teaching Professional.

The Dink Tank
Ken Crocker  (541) 944-8953

 Joel Heller

Oregon Senior Games Singles and Doubles Gold Medalist
IPTPA Certified Teaching Professional  (541) 324-3427
David Johnson IPTPA Level II Certified Teaching Professional  (541) 761-7307

Jim Tully

IPTPA Level II Certified Teaching Professional


We also have many free or low cost instruction opportunities advertised on our FaceBook Group page. If you use that application, I encourage you join our group to see those postings. It is a highly moderated group page, so very few non-pickleball posting clutter the space. 

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