How to register for a PlayTime Scheduler (PTS) account:

  1. Open the website at
  2. Click on the "Register" button in the upper left side of page.
  3. Select your country. (USA)
  4. Select your state. (Oregon)
  5. Select your region. (Medford/Ashland, OR or somewhere else)
  6. Enter your user information. You can modify information later if needed. Include your "Skill Level/Rating:". If you are new to pickleball and unsure about this number, pick 3.0 or less.
  7. You will need to verify your email address and then you are done!

How to use PlayTime Scheduler:

  1. Open the website at
  2. Make sure your email address shows in the "Player Log In" field.
  3. Click the "Log in" button.
  4. You will go to the weekly calendar page with a pop-up window in front that warns users, "PlayTime is a Communication Tool NOT a court Reservation System. Creating a session on PlayTime does not give you special rights to a court." Read this full warning at least once and remember it.
  5. Click the "Got it!" button.
  6. Check that the region is showing as desired. You can switch it to see play options in other areas, such as "Grants Pass/Rogue River, OR".
  7. The Scheduler displays a calendar with colored circles representing play sessions that have been created by other users. Inside each circle is the desired skill level(s), start time, and current player count. The sessions are also color coded by the location's general area (see Key). Session circles with a Bold border are sessions you have signed up to attend. Sessions that are grayed out with CANCLD at the bottom are cancelled sessions. Session circles with a yellow glow are special events.

  8. The calendar displays 7 days at a time. You can choose to show a weekly calendar (Sun-Sat) or always start with today's date. Click on the right arrow at the top to go to the next week, or click on the left arrow to go to the previous week. You can also jump directly to any calendar week by clicking on the "Jump To" button (appears as a calendar icon on mobile devices). Sessions in the past are grayed out and cannot be accessed, unless you are a Power User.
  9. To create a new public session, click the "Add Session" button, or (on desktop computers only) move your cursor inside the calendar over any future date and click the (+) button. When creating a new session, you can specify the date, start time, end time, location, desired player skill level(s), minimum and maximum number of players, and add any notes/comments. As you use the system it will learn your preferences and default to them automatically when you begin to add a session. 
  10. Premium Users have many more options when creating sessions, including specifying a play format (doubles, singles, drills) or gender (women, men, or mixed), and blocking guest signups. Power Users also have the ability to add a wait list, highlight a session as a special event, create block lists, set a guest limit, or have a session repeat for up to 8 weeks.

  11. You also have the option of creating a private, invite-only session. Check the "Invite-Only" box and then click the "Edit Invite List..." button to bring up a box where you can search for players by name, email, skill/gender (Premium feature), or load a previously used list. Only those players will receive an email notification and be able to see details about the session on the calendar. Names of attendees will be hidden from anyone who was not included on the list. If you decide to invite more players at a later time, view the session and click "Edit List." (Only the originator of the session will be able to see this button.) Removing a player from the list will only work if that player has not already signed up. When saving lists for re-use, you must finish creating the session or it will not save your list changes. Click here for a video tutorial on using the Invite-Only feature (opens in new window).

  12. Clicking on an existing circle will bring up details on that session and the current list of players who have signed up to attend. Clicking on the location name will bring up more details on that location, including venue type (indoor or outdoor), number of courts, address, phone, website, and a link to a Google Map.

  13. You can add your name to the session by clicking "Add My Name." After adding your name, you will also have the option to add guests. For example, if you have some friends visiting from out of town, or want to add your spouse without them needing to log in separately. Click "Add Guest" for each guest you are bringing. Premium Users have the option to input their guest's name or other info.

  14. After you add your name to a session, it something comes up where you cannot play, be sure to remove your name from the session as a courtesy to the other players. Players can remove their name from a session by clicking on the session and then clicking the (x) to the right of their name. Removing your name will also automatically remove any guests underneath your name.

For the remainder of this guide, do what I did and click the "?Help" button in the User box in the upper left of the screen.

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