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Favorite Drill Games

  • Thu, April 21, 2022 11:23 AM
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    George Morgan (Administrator)

    Drill games are extensions of skill exercises that add some competition to the mix. They can be done with two, three, or ideally four people. I often do them in this order because they build on each other. These are done after an adequate warm-up period.

    • Dingles (4 people):  Games to 5 or whatever. Each pair of players is diagonal to each other and has their own ball. Pairs each start their ball and dink "semi-cooperatively*" cross court. When one pair misses, they call "Dingles" and the remaining ball "goes live" between all four players. A point is scored by the team (people on same side of court) who did not cause the dingle and another point for whichever team wins the remaining ball rally. Video showing it. I don't prefer the version where the ball has to land in the kitchen for the first part. It should not be wide of the sideline and should be non-attacking, but with pressure.
    • Kitchen game (2 or 4 people):  Games to 5 or whatever. Everyone starts at the kitchen line, one ball only. Doesn't matter who starts, but the first two shots need to be not attacks or relatively easy. After two hits, the point is live, with attacks, lobs, etc. One point is scored for every start. After one teams gets to 5, have one team switch positions. Next game, have the other team switch positions. Periodically, rotate around the net to vary who you play with and on which side.
    • Take the Net game (2 or 4 people): Game to 5 or whatever. One team starts at the kitchen line and will always be the "feeders" or starters. The other team starts at the baseline. They will take the feed and drop or drive the ball and try to come in. The point is played out live after the first hit. In a less severe version, you can give the receiving team a free re-do if they miss their drop/drive shot. If the baseline team wins the point, they get +1 to their score. If the kitchen team wins the point, they earn the back position and go to their baseline to receive the starting shot. Teams can only score when they were the baseline team.

    I also like to do these drill games with 8 people on two courts, then after one court gets to 5, the rotation goes around both courts, with one player going from each court to the other. This gives more variety to play styles and skill levels.

    Short (1:52) video showing one Dingles point and two "Take the Net" points. It's on YouTube.

    What are your favorite drill games? Do you have different versions of these games? 

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